MEDICAL MISSION: Christian literature has had an amazing place in the conquests of the Christian faith from the time of its very inception. In the battle with Roman paganism and Jewish doubt, literature had a mighty place. Apologies to the Roman emperors appeals to the people, and expositions of the faith multiplied. They exerted a powerful influence when the church first went forth "conquering and to conquer." The choice and production of the most effective soul-winning literature is most important. This is a fascinating field for The Jesus Mission's Ministry. Where the people cannot go and remain, where people are forced to leave, the printed word goes and remains.

You can learn more lessons and messages through our works of literature. Jesus Mission's publication department is using different methods to bring out the message of Christ, to educate and to edify God’s children. We have published more than 50 books on diverse subjects and themes which are extensively used by leaders and believers. Printing gospel booklets, bible study materials, tracts, and spiritual books remain an integral part of our Ministry. Our publications are often used as reference material by preachers and believers, and some of them are prescribed reading material in Bible Colleges. The 100 and 200 series of titles like 100 golden words of Jesus, 100 prayers of pregnant women, 200 prayers for your wife, 200 blessings you have in Christ etc. are much sought after and goes out of print at an astounding pace