Bible College: Bible Training College!

Jesus at the very end of His ministry, Jesus institutes the great commission, commanding all present to Matt.28:19-20

The passion of Bible Calls is to make the Word of God central to Victorious Christian Living and fruitful Ministry by equipping every believer in the knowledge of God, with the training to lead others, to love each other, and to build their faith on the principles and strong foundation of Jesus Christ. As Christians, the Bible is central to our lives. To get the most out of God’s Word, we must read it in its historical, cultural and literary contexts, informed along the way by how Christian thought has developed throughout history. Through Bible Calls- Bible Training College, you will develop the tools you need to study Scripture and theology more effectively — whether your plans involve teaching, church ministry or evangelism. You will also have the opportunity to explore and expand upon your spiritual gifts, preparing you for leadership roles in churches, Para church organizations and other specialized ministries. Our course is focused on theological depth and practical application. Bible Calls has a biblical, systematic and comprehensive approach to providing foundational, good Bible education to all Christians. Our training consists of 1 day / 3 days / 5 days / 10 days / and 2 Years of interactive classroom lectures and discussions under the supervision of qualified teachers, taking about 2 years to complete. Our Mission is to expand Bible Training to the leaders, laypeople, Elders, Teachers, and all believers globally.

Bible Calls Ministry is planning to build a Bible Training Center to teach the Bible comprehensively and thoroughly to all Christians around the World. It's a Kingdom needed in this end-time. If you are really blessed with our teachings so far, we invite each one of you, to join your hands with us, to build this center through your prayers and financial support. If you like to support this ministry, Kindly contact us to send your offerings or call us for further Communications