Bible TV

Television Media is one of a prominent tool in our times that has helped us reach people right in their living rooms. We embraced this media in and since then has used it as an effective vehicle to fulfil the Great Commission. Our sole purpose is to proclaim the Gospel of Christ through the media around the globe, to help people enter into a rich, dynamic relationship with Jesus. Our channel is telecast in various languages including English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Baduga and other languages. Bible TV has an unmatched tradition for airing the very best in faith and Bible Only content. The very name “BIBLE TV” stands testament to that fact. Our innovative programming line-up includes ministry programs featuring the world's most respected pastors, Bible teachers, and Christian leaders; documentary programs; Edifying content for children, teens, and young adults. The Sunday services are aired live through Bible TV We also use the latest technology to reach more viewers around the world with programming that entertains, inspires, and changes lives through God's message of hope and grace. From its youtube channel giving viewers access to several life-impacting messages, to its mobile app that brings Bible TV to smartphones, iPads, and tablets anywhere in the world — we continue to be a unique player for Gospel broadcasting. We see incredible results and hundreds of lives are being changed for Jesus. Each week, literally thousands of people hear about Jesus through our TV programs – Bible teaching that is passionately faithful to the Scriptures and equally relevant to the issues that people are dealing with in 21st Century life. The testimonies that we receive every week from people whose lives have been touched and transformed, move us to joyful tears. To hear of a relationship that has been healed, to read the email from the woman who was literally pulled back from the brink of suicide as she heard one of our TV programs, to read the daily stories of transformation and salvation that we receive each week …… those human stories of real people's lives being radically turned upside down by Jesus, are a great testament to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit through our programs Please watch our programs at Bible TV live. Watch Bible TV