Media Ministry

We can still shake whole cities with the Gospel as in the days of the Apostles! We can still see large numbers of people turning to Christ! Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through media evangelism

From our humble beginnings, we have always found ways to communicate the Gospel message through any and all means available. Media is the latest vehicle for communication, and we as Christians are really in the business of communication. It is the communication of God's message to man. We use media and evangelism to reach the lost with the Gospel in a way that has never been done before. Just as a missionary goes abroad to reach the unreached, we are going to the mission field of the internet to reach billions of online video viewers with the Gospel. Our recent foray into social media tools has been received very well, and large numbers of believers are getting greatly benefited and edified. Our 24 hours Bible TV programs, live Sunday service, daily message of victory, availability of bible study and other messages preached across the globe through our Youtube channel has indeed been a tremendous form of blessing to a countless number of people.