D120 / PTC / TTC

D120 – Disciple 120

2 Tim. 2:2

The main aspect of making disciples is helping other believers grow in Christ – likeness. Jesus had designed His church to be a body, a kingdom of citizens and a family who actually build each other up into the fullness of Christ.

We are called to instruct each other about Christ and to imitate others who are following Christ. As disciples, we are to intentionally pour into other disciples so they can pour into still others.

Discipleship does not just happen. We need to be intentional about cultivating deep, honest relationship in which we do spiritual good to other Christians. The discipleship relationships should be both structured and spontaneous.

When we study the life of Jesus, He has 12 disciples and we see that, He formally taught His disciples (Matt. 5-7 / Mark 10:1), while also allowing them to observe His obedience to God as they lived life together.

On the upper room, there were 120 Disciples. They grow in member through the discipleship process. Hence, …. Bible Calls, who have completed their Bible training get an exposure to this D120, training session through which they are refreshed strengthened to stay rooted in Christ for the mission of making disciples.

PTC – Preachers Training Course

Bible Calls preachers training course is aimed at giving training for the believers and Bible college students to improve their preaching skills. This module ……. Workshops and seminars, as well as more formal lectures, and instruction in voice production. Students are exposed to expound the bible in times of worship at the seminary, to preach on Sundays in local churches and to conduct Bible studies, seminars etc.

The Topics covered are as follows: Basic preaching skills, refreshing your preaching, effective, expository preaching, kinds of Narrative preaching, preaching on topical issues, Apologetic preaching, preaching the whole Bible, preaching on special occasions. At the wedding, baptism, funerals etc.

Above all it ……………. A prayerful dependence upon the Holy spirit, that the preacher may proclaim the word of God with His divine power, Grace and authority.